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So you have been told you have got acne and want to know more about it!? Firstly, the whole process revolving around "pimples" starts at the oil-glands. Before puberty they do nothing, but with the onset of hormone production those glands get stimulated and start producing "sebum" - oil.

Now the hormones are up and down at puberty and that's totally normal - but those poor oil-glands don't know what to do. So with every "sebum·burst" pores get blocked (blackheads/whiteheads) and after that the oil can't go anywhere: it builds up under the skin forming that red bump that is commonly known as a "zit". It happens fast: from nothing to a spot can be 6 hours.

So what do we do about it: Firstly we must try and open the pores: we do that with creams like Differ!n, Benzac or Brevoxyl. Those chemically dissolve the "plugs", Then we need to do something about the germs that just love to feed on those "oils pots" (and turn them into pussy pimples). For this we can use antibiotics but the problem is that the "acne-age" can go on for years and it's not good for the system to be on antibiotics for a long time. So that is where "light therapy comes in: a totally natural way to clear acne without the side effects of any tablets.

The treatment consists of 10 sessions: 1 blue and 1 red light - each lasting ± 20 min- per week. The blue-light kills the germs and the red light goes deep into the skin and shrinks those oil-glands. They word hand-in-hand but can't be given on the same day! The skin usually looks best after the blue (so use that one just before the weekend ... )

Normally there is no "flare" meaning that the skin does not get worse before it gets better, After the 5 week treatment the skin continues to improve over the next 12 weeks. Some patients need a second cycle after that but often one can just continue with the areas and do another cycle if it flares again.

Most forms of acne respond very well to this treatment but there are some - often genetic - forms which can lead to scarring - in which case oral contraceptives (i.e. Diane) or oral retinoids (i.e. Roaccutane) may become necessary. So in the few cases where it does not work there are alternatives.

Remember: Acne is a dynamic process, it "comes and goes" so don't get frustrated, don't expect miracles but waif for the treatment to work -and then you should be happy with the result.
And the final comment: Try to resist the strongest temptation!! Your skin has only got 2 enemies; the hormones and your own two fingers: if you "attack" your skin and try to "squeeze" those pimples, they take ages to go away and they might even scar! So leave your skin alone!!! Cover up if you want to, but wait for the treatment to do its job.


  • All acne creams dry out the skin
  • To reduce irritation dilute creams with water first (1.e. star off with ½ - ½) – If the skin gets red and flaky, dilute it more the next night, if not, make it a bit stronger.
  • Usually after one month one can use it straight out of the tube.

Zineryt and Dalacin T are alcohol solutions for spot control (1.e. use them on new pimples on the morning)




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